Facebook Canvas Ads / Forward3D (2017) 

Facebook Canvas Ad format for Secret Cinema’s release of their Moulin Rouge screening.

Interlinking several canvas ads together, the user is presented a multiple choice story that ends with a particular profile based on the provided answers.

All the Canvas visuals have been produced from stock photography in After Effects.

Facebook Canvas Ads / Freelance (2018) 

BorrowMyDoggy is a London based startup that matches dog owners with people who would like to have a dog, but can’t for various reasons, and are happy to share some time taking care for “borrowed“ dogs.

Dog owners and borrowers find each other through the app, get to know and trust each other, and the dog gets to have some more time with outdoor activities, care and love, through its borrower.

BorrowMyDoggy decided to use Canvas Ads on Facebook to better explain how the entire process works, through a short story with photos and supporting video, taking full advantage of the Canvas format.