Product Design / Forward3D (2016)

Winner of “Best Use of Content Marketing”
at the 2016 UK Search Awards.

New Look aimed at integrating a user generated photo-gallery within daily.newlook.com, where fashion style “selfies” could be easily uploaded, in order to engage their users, increase traffic, and showcase specific products available from their online catalog.

Forward3D created a User Generated Content Campaign, #ThisIsNewLook, asking customers to upload their photos to the website, or on Instagram using the hashtag. A unique landing page featuring these photos was created specifically for the campaign. Promotional activity ran across paid search, paid social, email, display, in store, and via influencers.



To be able to develop and maintain properly the photo gallery’s software, the main application, coded by Forward3D’s development team, runs on a dedicated virtual machine separately from New Look's public web servers. 
The data used to populate the front end is then passed over to NewLook.com via an API, as this streamlined New Look’s internal teams’ workflow for managing and styling of the pages on their end.

The application lets users upload the pictures from their devices, or share them via social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest using specific tags) and showcase New Look products pictured in the images via a search and tag function during the upload and & publishing process: Get The Look. 

Additionally, an automatic scraper periodically includes all #thisisnewlook tagged pictures from Facebook and Instagram to the gallery.

All the content uploaded is cued for moderation and approval by New Look’s community managers via a custom built back-end panel.


The project received well over 5,000 submissions, an 8% increase in homepage conversion, and overall social reach has been over 7.5 million.